8 Dreadful social media blunders that you must avoid.

Social media is the best marketing tool that we have at our disposal. It is a great tool for brands to promote their business and reach a global audience. If brands are smart, they will make use of different social media platforms to connect with consumers. The reason, it is a powerful and essential digital marketing tool.
But with social media, its users evolve too. And if you don’t provide them with good, relevant and interesting content, you will lose followers. Nowadays, a brand can’t just publish content online; a proper marketing strategy is required. It will not only retain your consumers but help you make new ones too.
We researched a lot of brands and articles, and have compiled a list of blunders that you must avoid.
Here are the 10 social media blunders that you must stay away from:

1.    Posting content only about your company/brand
A commercial or corporate social media account should not only post content related to their brand. They should talk about other things and engage in conversations too. The posts should include a message that they intend to deliver information . Moreover, sometimes post humorous or personal content too. Personal content can include BTS(Behind the scene) videos or images from a company party and so on.

2.    Not posting every type of content
Your social media must have posts of every type- gifs, images, and videos and so on. If you limit your content to a single type, it becomes boring and repetitive. To increase user-engagement, it is necessary to post a mix of content.

3.    Using duplicate or low quality images
Another big mistake that brand does while posting on their social account is using bad quality images. Your consumers can use any device to check your account. And if the image has low resolution, it will pixelate while scaling. That is why always use pictures of high quality and resolution only.
Moreover, don’t use a duplicate image. As a brand, use original photos or take help from sites that provide free stock images. User-generated images can also aid in increasing your followers.
For finding high quality and unique images, use Canva.

4.    Quantity over quality
Posting too much can also affect your content’s reach and engagement level. Rather than thinking about quantity, you should consider quality. Post frequent but not too much and their quality should be high.
If you run a small business or you are a sole proprietor, it can be hard for you to find good content to match the numbers. The best thing for you is to decrease the no of the posts and work on their quality.

5.    Posting on all social media channels
Not all platforms will work for you. So, check all your social media accounts and monitor their progress. If anyone of them doesn’t perform well for your business, stop using it.
If you keep using it, it will take your effort and time which you can invest to generate content for other platforms that works for your brand.

6.         You don’t listen to the customers
Through social media, you can listen to your customers 24*7. There are many tools like discussions or comments that will help you understand how people actually feel about your brand. If you don’t take that into consideration, then you are neglecting the main aspect of social media. It can help you provide insights about what is working for the consumers and what is not. With this data, you can do significant and positive changes.

7.    An account with no personality
Don’t create and share content that focuses solely on sales. It should be a healthy mix of everything so that the account seems interesting to people. But you also have to promote your brand for that, you will have to share sales-focused content. To make it more engaging use content that has a mix of informational, educational and exciting content.

8.         Not posting videos
A video quickly catches the attention of a user. If the video is informative and interesting, it will have maximum reach. Make sure you post a small glimpse of the video in the post instead of only the link. When people get a sneak-peak of a video, they are more interested in the whole video. It is something that a URL cannot guarantee.

It's time you analyze your social media accounts. If they are not performing as per your expectations, check to see if you are committing any of the above mistakes. It’s never too late to make a positive change and start gaining more followers.

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