Best WhatsApp Spy App for Android

Are you on the lookout for the best WhatsApp spy app for android? The social media and instant messenger spy applications have been playing crucial role in child monitoring and employee monitoring. The entrepreneurs around the world have been employing different software and applications to monitor the online activities of their workers. Meanwhile, parents are taking advantage of spy apps to secretly and remotely monitor the digital behavior of their children. In this article, we have reviewed the best WhatsApp spy app for android smartphones and tablets. 
WhatsApp Messenger
WhatsApp is currently the most commonly used instant messaging app that allows users to exchange messages, photos, videos, voice recordings and much more. It also offers audio and video calling to individuals and groups. The application is equally popular among teens and professionals. The businesses use this messenger for internal and external communication, whereas, the individuals use WhatsApp to get connected with their online fellows.
To use WhatsApp messenger, the user only need to have access to mobile phone and the internet. There is no need to provide any confidential information to successfully run the app. It only asks for a valid mobile phone number to activate your account. After activation, the app syncs your contact list and lets you communicate with the contacts already using messenger.
Negative Side of WhatsApp Messenger
Like all other social media apps and instant messengers, WhatsApp also carries several potential risks. The unmonitored and unmanaged use of the instant messenger can expose users to bullying, predation, catfishing, data breach and several online dangers. The businesses may lose their important information or experience a downfall in the productivity of the workers due to online harassment. Similarly, the teen WhatsApp users may experience child molestation and can expose to sexting and pornography. 
Role of WhatsApp Spy App
To minimize the dangers of WhatsApp messengers, the technologists have developed Android spysoftware to monitor activities performed via instant messenger. Parents can monitor their kids’ chats to make sure they do not get trapped by predators and bullies. The employers can supervise WhatsApp activities of their employees to prevent them from unproductive activities and wrongdoings.
While there are more than a few spy apps rightly available in the online market, TheOneSpy WhatsApp spy app is found to be the most reliable and effective app. It enables parents and employers to track cell phone activities of their concerned individuals and groups without accessing their phones. Once you install the spy app on the targeted cell phone, you can monitor data stored and activities performed on the phone via online portal of spy software.
WhatsApp Spy App Features
TheOneSpy WhatsApp tracking app enables the end-user to track almost every single activity performed on the instant messenger. The user of the spy app can track WhatsApp chats, media files, call logs, status updates and much more. Read on to know more about the features of the WhatsApp spy app for android.
Track Text Messages
With WhatsApp spy app, you can monitor incoming and outgoing instant messages consisting on text, emoticon and stickers. The tracking app creates online backup of these chats and uploads to the online portal of spyware. The end-user can log into the spy app online control panel to read all these messages. 
Track Media Messages
The instant messenger allows users to exchange photos and videos with your online buddies. With the spy app, you can see and download all media files exchanged via instant messenger right from the online control panel.  
Track Voice Messages
The instant messaging app enables users to exchange voice messages and voice recordings. The spy app syncs these messages and uploads to the online control panel from where the end-user of spyware can listen and download them. 
Track Call Logs
The calls logs of WhatsApp audio and video calls get uploaded to the online control panel. It enables the end-user of the spyware to get call details of the target. 
Screen Recording
The advanced screen recording feature of the WhatsApp spy app lets you record every single activity performed on messenger. On receiving your command, the monitored phone starts screen recording and captures all WhatsApp activities including status updates and more.
That is not all. The WhatsApp spy app offers numerous other features to let you track online activities of children and workers. 
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