How to organize a slumber party

What is a slumber party?
Where does the term pajama party come from? Well the truth is that it comes from a 1964 film, "Pajama party", directed by Don Weis with Tommy Kirk and Annette Funicello. Someone says that in the movies of Laurel and Hardy and Buster Keaton there are examples of slumber parties.

The practice of making parties in pajamas spread throughout the United States in the seventies and in the rest of the world in the eighties. Since the late nineties it has become almost mandatory for children. What is the slumber party? A group night in the home of a classmate; wearing pajamas together.

A pajama party that teenagers also practice a lot, is like a kind of ritual that allows you to differentiate it from any other type of children's party. In fact, a pajama party is for many children, a party in which they can finally establish themselves as a group, something that somehow advances in reinforcing their friendship when the children grow a little more, finally marking a certain distance with respect to overprotection of parents.

Slumber parties usually take place around the age of ten or twelve, the age at which preadolescence begins. In this age group, it assumes the meaning of detachment from the parental group and entry to friends and is undoubtedly one of the funniest parties to which we can add our children.
In this way, do not hesitate to organize a pajama party for your children at home, you will make them have fun like never before. For this, SANKOFA GUEST HOUSE  guide yourself with these ideas and steps that we offer below.

Steps to make the best slumber party
The organization of a slumber party is not complicated, but managing a group of small, excited and demanding guests at home can be difficult if you are not prepared. These are the steps to follow.

Choose a theme to make home decoration

The themes for a slumber party can be endless and can be chosen based on the age of the children, their passions and what they like: favorite movie, animals (from dinosaurs to jungle animals), professions (astronaut or fireman), etc.
One of the classic themes is the camping style slumber party. It can be done at home building tents with sticks and sheets / blankets, or you can do it in the garden, when the weather permits, with real tents.

Once you have chosen the theme, you will know how to proceed with the decoration and, of course, what elements you need for the children (for example, to paint the face of animals in the case of choosing a theme such as the jungle or the zoo).

Make the invitations

Then make the invitations: "think about how the pajama party will be structured: what time will it begin, what the theme will be and propose it in the invitations.

Give it to the parents of the small guests and also include a list of things that the children should bring: the pajamas, a change of clothes, a toothbrush, some toy and everything that can be used to make them feel at home . Also remember to ask about intolerances / allergies or dishes that you can not eat.

Organise the spaces

Then, think about how to organize the spaces of the home. It is important to decide a priori where the children are going to sleep, keeping in mind that they want to be together (therefore, consider the number of children you will also invite according to the space you have available).

Be it the bedroom or the room prepared for the occasion, that will be your space: it allocates inflatable beds or mattresses, cushions, blankets, night lights, stuffed toys and games.

Think of the activities of the night
At this point you should think that if the slumber party is thematic, you can organize activities that are related to the subject itself: such as manual tasks, dinner with us or, for example, watching a movie together ... With popcorn!

On the other hand, think that the activities should be designed according to the age of the guests. Older children can also be free to organize. For many of them it will be one of the first nocturnal experiences without parents for which they will already feel good and will want to decide for themselves what to play and how.

Rules of a slumber party

Some obvious but important warnings: eliminate everything that could be dangerous from the area where the children will be and equip yourself with a first aid kit (bandaids, disinfectant, etc.). Then, follow these other tips:

Communicate the rules of the house to the children. They will be super excited to spend the night at a friend's house at a slumber party, but it is good that they adopt the rules of the house where they are invited, such as brushing their teeth before going to sleep, the time of dinner and the to turn off the light to go to bed.
Do you have a dog, a cat or another animal? Remember to tell the parents of the small guests to know how the children react to the presence of an animal or if they are allergic.
Communicate to the parents the schedules of the guests, when to take the children and when to pick them up, and their telephone numbers.

Mistakes that should not be committed in a slumber party

Do not invite too many people unless you have a lot of space: Having to deal with a large number of children can make the slumber party a chaos. Start with a first party with a maximum of three or four children. If the thing goes well, other parties can have more children.
Another mistake is to think that all children will be interested in organized activities or games: try to always have alternative options but, above all, let them feel free to self-manage. If they are already of school age, they will want to play independently and give free rein to their imagination.
Do not worry: there may be some minor incident during the pillow fight or even a simple fall, but when you have several children at home, it is important to have cool blood and calmly resolve these situations, to prevent the child from becoming uncomfortable or done, feel fear.
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