How to Repair Fireproof Fabric? Some Amazing Facts

What is Fireproof Fabric?
There are some jobs which involve exposure to hazards and therefore call for precautionary measures such as safety gear and equipment to minimize the damage caused by a probable mishap. Oil rigging, firefighting and some other industrial work which exposes the workforce to heat, fire and flame require fire-retardant equipment and gear for the safety of the workers.
In simplest words,fireproof fabric means the fabric that is built either naturally or through treatment to resist a certain degree of heat and flame. The fabricis available in multiple grading and is used by the industrial workers as per the nature of the job. The garment made from this fabric protects the wearer from the specified heat range.
As a last line of defense against hazards posed by fire, flash fire, molten metals, combustible dust, and arc flash, any compromise on the quality of the product may endanger human life. Therefore, from manufacturing to maintenance and repairs, special standardized measures need to be followed to keep the nonflammable fabric intact during its lifetime. Before delving into these measures let us first understand the fabric.
How does it work?
As the first step towards understanding ‘fireproof fabric’ let us grasp the concept of fire. ‘Fire’, as we know, is a result of some chemical reaction. Its components may be itemized as heat, fuel, and oxygen. FR fabrics, in whatever form i.e. inherent or treated, are engineered to neutralize the effect of any or all of these three components to stall the process. Fire erupts as a result of the cyclicreactionary process of heat breaking down material into fuel that reacts with oxygen to generate more heat which breaksdown material into more fuel, and it continues unless the cycle is broken. 
For effective resistance against fire, the process needs to be broken by neutralizing fuel, heat or oxygen. This objective is achieved by fire retardant fabric manufacturers by enabling the fabric to char instead of burning with a view to remove fuel and block heat. Blocking the oxygen through some agent is another way of breaking the cycle which is the quality of modacrylic fabrics. Understanding fire and its different types have helped R&D of the Fire-retardant clothing manufacturing industries upgrade their products to make them more effective. 
Types of Fireproof Fabric
Broadly speaking, there are two types of fireproof fabric i.e. Inherent and Treated.
Inherent Fireproof Fabricis made from chemically structured flame-resistant fibers. Contrary to the meaning of the word ‘inherent’, there are no naturally flame-resistant fibers. These are rather developed through a chemical process to ensure the flame-resistance remain permanent.
Treated Fireproof Fabricis manufactured from raw material that is flammable such as cotton which is then processed with chemicals to add flame resistance. There is a variety of treatment technologies applied for the process the best of which blends a flame-resistant polymer in cotton fiber’s hollow core. This type of fireproof garment has FR characteristics that last as long as the garment.
How to repair Fireproof Fabric?
In view of the different types of fireproof garments and criticality of the purpose it serves, maintenance and repair of Fireproof Fabric call for a specialized and professional approach. However, there are certain points that need to be kept in mind while maintaining or repairing the fabric some of which are as below:
Directions may vary with the brand:Different brands have their own products and directions for laundering and repairing Fireproof Fabric may vary with the brand. Therefore, the instructions and directions of a particular brand either tagged with the garment or available separately in a booklet form must be followed verbatim. 
Understand the nature of repairsrequired because repair requirements may range from simple stain removal to stitching, patches, andpunctures, button or zip replacements. Sinceeach garment has its own grading and classification, therefore, it is always advisable to grasp the nature of the repair required before carrying out the work. 
Use the original material or equivalentof original material for repairing the fireproof garment because Essentially, all repairs must be generated with materials same to the original materials in the garments. Even the threads for sewing and mending of fabrics must be the same as used in the original garment otherwise it may entail damage or even loss of life in case of any eventuality.
Never patch the fireproof garment with any regular fabricas it will affect the quality of the garment and render it utterly useless. So, always use equal grade heat patch to repair the garment which is easily available in the market.
Always use the inherentlyfireproof threadfor any repair work. Never use of non-fireproof thread as it will compromise the quality and performance of the garment by burning quickly and giving way to flame to reach the skin through the damaged stitches, causing burn injuries. 
Use fireproof or heat resistant componentswhile repairing the fireproof garment. The components include buttons, zips, knit cuffs, drawstrings, reflective tape etc. These components seem minor and a careless approach in repairing may affect the quality of the garment which entails serious burn injury or loss of life.
Never try to stitch or repair the fireproof garment at home,as it requires specialized care and professional approach considering the sensitivity of the purpose and objectives of a fireproof garment.
Contact the garment manufacturer or supplierfor detailed consultation, instructions and precautions before carrying out repair work or you may even consider sending the garment back to the manufacturer for repairs.
Industries and employers are aware of the risks their workforce is exposed to while dealing with any heat, fire, andflames in the manufacturing process or plant premises and take utmost care when it comes to purchasing or ordering fireproof garments. Gradually, they have realized that maintenance and repairs of this specialized fabric demanda professional approach strictly in line with the guidelines and instructions provided by the manufacturer of the garment. One error or lapse in this process may entail serious and even fatal consequences for the wearer. Therefore, now more and more employers are being extra cautious when it comes to laundering, maintaining and repairs of the fireproof clothing because there is no second chance when it comes to playing or fighting with fire!
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