Know about JEE Advanced 2019, Exam pattern, Syllabus

IIT have created world class educational plan that will dynamically help through quality teaching and internationally approved research with superb infrastructure and the top available minds. IIT’s offer admission through JEE Advanced into undergraduate courses leading to a bachelor’s, integrated master’s or bachelor-master dual degree in engineering, science or architecture.

Both bachelor’s and master’s degrees are grant to candidate enrolled in the dual degree program for achievement the course curriculum.  

About JEE Advanced
  • It is the only gateway for student’s eager for studying in premier engineering institutes like IITs.
  • Apart from IIT colleges, nine other premier institutes offer admissions based on JEE Advanced score, namely, IISER Bhopal, IISC Bangalore, IISER Kolkata, IISER Mohali, IISER Pune, IISER Thiruvananthapuram, RGIPT Rae Bareli, and IIPE Visakhapatnam.

JEE Advanced is the entrance exam for the IIT admission to following program

·      B. Tech (4-Years Program)
·      B.S (4 Years Program)
·      B. Pharm (4 Years Program)
·      B. Arch (5 Years Program)
·      Dual Degree B. Tech – M. Tech (5 Years Program)
·      Integrated MSc (5 Years Program)
·      Integrated M. Tech (5 Year Program)
·      Dual degree B. Pharm – M. Pharm (5 Years Program)

JEE Advanced Exam Pattern

There are two papers that is paper 1 and paper 2 in JEE Advanced, both are compulsory. Their exam pattern is not disclosed before the exam, candidate can see at past year papers and prepare with the mindset that anything may come in exam.
Paper-1 and Paper-2 of this entrance exam comprises of three separate modules wherein questions are asked from subjects such as Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. Candidates are get negative marking on incorrectly answering some questions in the exam.
Marking scheme of IIT JEE Advanced
The number of questions in JEE Advanced are not fixed so maximum marks cannot be defined, candidate can check the expected marking from the official website.
Marking scheme for question with one more correct options
·      +4 if all the marked responses are correct
·      +3, +2, +1 for partially correct answers, given any incorrect option is not marked
·      -2 for incorrect option
·      No negative marking for questions left attempted
Marking scheme for question questions with for numerical value type answer
·      +3 for correct answer
·      No negative marking for incorrect answers or questions left attempted
Marking scheme for matching list type and single correct option questions
·      +3 for correct answer
·      -1 for incorrect answer
·      No negative marking for questions left attempted

JEE Advanced Syllabus

The syllabus of Joint Entrance Exam (Advanced) is declared by the examination authority. It includes a list of chapter from Physics, Chemistry and Math from class of 11th and 12th.


·      General Topic
·      Mechanics
·      Thermal Physics
·      Electricity and magnetism
·      Optics
·      Modern Physics


·      General Topc

Organic Chemistry

·      Concept
·      Preparation
·      Properties and & reaction of alkenes, alkanes, alkynes
·      Reactions of benzene
·      Phenols
·      Characteristic reactions
·      Carbohydrates
·      Amino acid & peptides
·      Properties & usage of some important polymers
·      Practical organic chemistry

Inorganic Chemistry

·      Isolation/Preparation & properties of the non-metal
·      Preparation & properties of the compounds
·      Ores and minerals
·      Extractive metallurgy
·      Principles of qualitative analysis

Physical Chemistry

·      Gaseous and liquid states
·      Atomic structure and chemical bonding
·      Energetics
·      Chemical equilibrium
·      Electrochemistry
·      Chemical kinetics
·      Solid State
·      Solutions
·      Surface Chemistry
·      Nuclear Chemistry

Architecture Aptitude Test

·      Freehand drawing
·      Geometrical drawing
·      Three Dimension Perception
·      Imagination and aesthetic sensitivity
·      Architectural awareness


·      Algebra
·      Trigonometry
·      Analytical geometry
·      Differential calculus
·      Integral calculus
·      Vectors

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