5 Ways to Revive the Rock-n-Roll Retro Style in Your Modern Kitchen

If you are going to design a new kitchen anytime soon, then you are surely browsing through numerous websites and glossy magazines. You are surely looking for all the ideas that you can gather to make the kitchen of your home stunning and beautiful. So, when you are doing that, it can happen that you will feel like sticking by a particular theme. Since there are numerous themes all around these days, it is only natural to be overwhelmed with so many options.
It can be really confusing to choose one of the options. But if you are thinking of adding designing something which will be timeless and unbelievably appealing, then here is an idea for you. Think of a retro kitchen look with all the vintage fixtures and décor accessories that will perfectly complete and complement the look. America in the 1970shas a glorious chapter of vintage retro history. The glamour and pomp of the era, the spunk in the style and most importantly the consciously created carefree vibe are the signaturesof the era. And when you are thinking of reviving the era in your kitchen, it is necessary that you think ofinvokingthe same vintage appeal in the décor. So, when you are utterly confused about what you should choose amidst all the plethora of options, here I am going to inspire you with some ideas for a vintage kitchen even in a modern home. Read on the following points and know more.  
Vintage Cabinetry
 The most prominent fixture of a kitchen is cabinetry. Kitchen cabinets occupy a huge space on the wall as well as on the floor. As a result, when you are thinking of decking up your kitchen, it is necessary that you think of creating an amazing visual impression with the cabinets. So, if you are trying to revive the retro harm in your space, it is necessary that you think of bringing home vintage kitchen cabinets. The old world look of it will make the cabinets the perfect fixture of your kitchen. A bit of tear and wear that is an integralpart of the design of this cabinetry. You can also think of adding modern shelving inside the cabinet so that even when it looks old from outside, it never fails to offer the right amount of functionality that a modern kitchen cabinet should offer.
Checked Floor
A vintage kitchen is incomplete without the statement flooring. And for that, the checked one is the best option. If you are planning to use wood, make sure that you are keeping the good old chess board pattern alive in the design. It will not only make the place look extremely elegant and sophisticated but will also make sure that the design scheme remains versatile. Vintage, traditional or fusion, such flooring will be perfect for all themes. So, in the future,if you decide to change the décor theme, the floor can suit that too.
Matched Hardware and Accessories
The metalaccent is an important part of the design when it comes to creating a vintage kitchen. If you are doing every other thing right in the design, then go for metal touch on the handles and knobs of the cabinets along with the faucets. Choose brass, bronze or golden accent for the kitchen as they will beautifully complete and complement the décor scheme.
Color Scheme
For a vintage feel in your kitchen, go for the black and white color scheme. If you are choosing a vintage white discount kitchen cabinet, then go for black appliances for the kitchen. The contrast will enhance the appeal of the space while adding up to the vintage theme that you have chosen.
In a retro kitchen, the mainpart is often dominated by lights. Vintage appeal is all about raw and bare. There is hardly any need forshade or hiding of anything. The simple filament bulbs can create the right atmosphere in such a kitchen. So, in your kitchen, use industrial lights in copper and steel accent. Focus on the task light that will be right above your countertop. Going for a wired bulb can be a good idea for such placements. If you are looking for some options on your table, then hang some bulbs of single wires of different lengths. This will perfectly illuminate the space. 
 So, now as you know about these points that can help create a vintage kitchen, what are you waiting for? Rush to your favorite store of cabinetry and splurge.

5 Ways to Revive the Rock-n-Roll Retro Style in Your Modern Kitchen 5 Ways to Revive the Rock-n-Roll Retro Style in Your Modern Kitchen Reviewed by Durgesh Thakur on March 08, 2019 Rating: 5

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