8 Brilliant reception photography trends for the couple and the guests

Reception party is held just after the wedding day. The day of reception is extremely important in the lives of both the bride and the groom just like the wedding. Hire a professional photographer to capture the memorable and fun-filled moments of your life.

Check these 8 reception photography trends and discuss them with your photographer.

1. Ask the photographer to shoot you while you are looking at your shoes:

It is a new trend to click photographs while the brides look at their shoes. Actually, it can be a really glamorous shot for the brides and the moment seems natural and fresh. Other than that, this shot can be a unique pose for you and the shot will also show the full length of your gorgeous lehenga.

2. Spin your lozenge at the reception party:

Your professional photographer has the capability to bring out the inner child of the bride through this fun-filled photo. You will also get the opportunity to flaunt your stunning, bright lehenga. If the photographer captures this shot perfectly and you upload it on social media, you will become the centre of attraction among your friends. The fun movement of your bridal lehenga will add life to your photos

3. Add variety to your reception photos.

Tell your photographer to capture the precious moments of you, your parents and your guests at various locations and situations. You can try different poses with your partner to break the monotony and dullness of wedding reception photography.

If all of the pictures look similar, your friends and relatives may lose interest in checking out the pictures. Fun-filled photos have become a popular trend for wedding events. You can take ideas from your photographer if you want to click funny and dramatic photos.

4. Make sure the photographer capture the pictures of the reception cake beautifully.

A beautiful, elegant seven-tier white or pink reception cake is a delight to watch! Red velvet cake can also be a great option for your reception party. Just imagine, cute couple dolls are placed on the top of the cake or a phrase like 'just married' is written on it.

You may not feel like cutting such an amazing cake and you may want to keep it the way it is. Ask your photographer to capture the most beautiful pictures of your classy reception cake, so it will stay with you forever.

5. Dance your heart out:

Nothing can be better than capturing the bride and the groom dancing together on upbeat songs. Indian weddings are just incomplete with songs and dance numbers. Prepare a list of the latest upbeat songs and shake your legs on them.

But make sure your photographer is capturing some candid shots of your fun-filled moments with your partner, cousins and friends. Dancing is a way to express your feelings and your photos must bring out your happiness. If your photographer wants to capture the essence of Indian reception photography, he needs to shoot the dance performances of the couple.

6. Pose with each and every family member:

Pose with all the family members as family moments are really an essential part of wedding reception photography. At first, introduce your family members to the photographer and tell him to capture each one of them through his camera. You can add various types of moods to your family photographs. For instance, you can add emotions while shooting with your parents and you can add fun to your photo while posing with your sister or brother.

7. Arrange photo booths for your reception:

Photo booths have become incredibly popular for reception parties. Arrange photo booths to add fun to your reception ceremony and its photos. Nothing can be more exciting than a unique backdrop, a few cool props and family members, friends posing in front of the camera.

There are so many varieties in photo booth ideas and you can choose the one you like. The ideas include classic photo booth, modern airstream photo booth, retro van photo booth, themed photo booth, curtain photo booth, fairy-tale romance photo booth, chalkboard photo booth, vintage themed photo booth, circus-themed photo booth, colour changing photo booth and many more.

Be unique and innovative! Do not feel afraid to experiment with ideas. After all, your reception party is once in a lifetime celebration. If you have any interesting idea, share it with your photographer and tell him to incorporate that idea in the photoshoot. Ask your married friends whether they followed unique trends to make their reception party more special and listen to the photographer's opinions regarding those trends.
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