Does Web Hosting Boost Keywords Ranking

When you think and talk about search engine optimization then you know well the importance of it. You might concern about keywords ranking whenever you do SEO of a website. You learn more and more about the ranking process and curious about the amazing ranking factors.
You wonder that there are almost 200 keyword ranking factors which directly affect a blog and web hosting plan is one of them.
Yes, you just read right “statement” that a blog doesn’t contain only keywords and content. There is something new point which is beyond the keyword optimization and content marketing strategy. Yes, it is “web hosting package”.
This thing starts before the search engine optimization techniques. Most of bloggers write about only cornerstone, call to action and newsworthy content writing and how keywords are put within content.
So this time is to learn about major aspects of web hosting and what kind of host can boost keywords rank in Google organic result. This object is new for some bloggers but they don’t need to worry more only need to concentrate till the last word.
Check Website Loading Speed

Quick response webpage is the favorite among the visitors because nobody wants to waste their time to load. Another side, if something loved by internet users, it means, Google algorithmsdo suggest and recommend it for each website. 

Google always tracks the user behavior. So if your webpage is taking too much time to open then your visitor will not keep himself on your webpage and bounce from there.  
Google takes action on such kind of slow website and punish them.
Slow speed can down your key phrase in search result page. To check blog speed, visit “Google page insight” and GT Metrics.
After that you have to check your blog from lots of point of views like HTML, CSS, JQuery and JavaScript etc. You have to remove all worthless coding text and other unfamiliar part from database.
Another side, before going to buy a hosting package you need to learn more about shared hosting and dedicated server. Both are parts of web hosting type and are used to run different kind of websites. Shared hosting is used for small and startup based sites and dedicated server is bought for giant business to handle their large data.

Handle Your Blog Downtime Issue
It means, when your website is inaccessible for a certain time and it happens on regular basis. Having a high speed website is nothing valuable for you if it is facing downtime issue on every day.
Google crawl your website on daily basis and when they crawl you during downtime, your website can be penalized by them.
Keywords of penalize site never climb up in organic search and your potential customers never reach up to your services.
In order to handle this downtime issue, you have to buy a web hosting which offers you 100% uptime assurance. Every web hosting has some weakness but you cannot ignore such kind of downtime errors.

Find Secure Web Host
You know well the internet world is an unsafe place for the sites which keep worthy database and getting more and more traffic every day. Hackers hack the sites to execute their money making plan. They steal your data and sell it in other countries for dollars.
Professional bloggers know the importance of hosting security features, they invest a large budget to get highly assured host to run their business.
Ensure that your hosting service contains updating features on regular basis, install latest securable tool, and protect your data from unwanted spam mail and so on.
One more thing, an SSL certificate, it is recommend by Google algorithms. All websites, which ranked high in organic result, they all are secured by secure socket layer. You can slightly boost your ranking after implementing an SSL.
So, all above features should be incorporate in your next web hosting package in order to protect your website.
Know Host Location
Server location is more significant than you think in SEO progress, when you are running a local business. You need to find a web hosting which offers CDN. Content delivery network serve geographically based webpages to each internet query. It delivers the high speed result.
For instance, suppose that you are working with a USA based business, it is best for you to buy a USA based server. 
It is essential to consider who your web host is. Choose the fastest and reliable hosting service which can boost your keyword ranking to reach up to potential end users. We always suggest our customers; never purchase cheap or free web hosting because such kinds of hosts are contains low quality features.

Author– This article written by neeraj sharma who is a content writer at, has been working since 2015. Hostnetindia is a professional web hosting provider, has been offering shared hosting, dedicated serverLinux cloud along with managed services and support.
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