The Top 8 Places to Celebrate Christmas in India

Christmas in India may not be celebrated in a grand way like the Dusehra or Holi or Diwali, but people in India celebrate it in its own unique way. Typically, Christmas is the time where people like to go shopping, exchange gifts, decorate homes and offices and schools and eat sweets. The schools and offices too have holidays, and this is the perfect time for friends and families to get together. 
One of the best ways to celebrate the Christmas is to go someplace new. India has many wonderful places to the Christmas parties in a grand way. You can also fix your travel plan with some of professional planners by availing Yatra Promo Codes for adventures trips for Christmas holidays.
Here are some of the best places to celebrate Christmas in India:
1.     Goa 
Goa seems like the obvious choice of Christmas. It is one of the most popular tourist’s attractions in India for both national and international tourists. Goa has Christian population and the Portuguese legacy. The entire state comes alive on the eve of Christmas with dance and music. The beautiful beaches, clubs, restaurants and homes too come alive with celebrations all around. This is reason why you should come to Goa for a memorable Christmas party.
2.     Puducherry 
Just like Goa was under the Portuguese colony, Puducherry was once a French colony. It too has a considerable Christian population and the place does come alive on the festive season. If you are looking for a place to celebrate Christmas then Puducherry is one of the best options. You will really feel the festive vive while you are here. The people, the church services, the carols, music and dance all make things very exciting for people no matter what faith they belong to.
3.     Mumbai 
Mumbai is one of the best places to celebrate Christmas as well. There are many beautiful churches in Mumbai like Holy Name Cathedral, Saint Thomas’s Cathedral, Gloria Church, Saint Michael’s Church, Mount Mary’s Basilica, Saint Peter’s Church, and more. During the Christmas season the city comes alive with celebratory vibes. No matter whether you are a Christian or not, Christmas is for everyone. Being a metropolitan city makes Mumbai a multi-culture city. The restaurants, food stalls, beaches and everywhere you will see the decorations for Christmas. Find suitable hotels in all top location at affordable prices for rooms with amazing Oyo Coupon Code.
4.     Kerala
Kerala has a considerable Christian population and many wonderful churches, which makes it one of the best places to celebrate Christmas. The church services are really something you should participate in. The streets do come alive with music and decorations. You can eat out with restaurants offering discounts and special menu on this very occasion. Additionally, the backwaters and beaches too are one of the places to celebrate the occasion. You will enjoy the best time with your friends and family. 
5.     Dadra and Nagar Haveli  
The union territory of Dadra and Nagar Haveli is not as popular as other destinations, but is a great places for Christmas celebration. If you are a fan of a traditional Christmas celebration then the Dadra Nagar and Haveli is the place to be where the occasion has a tribal touch. Here too you can see many beautiful churches and enjoy the mass services. The exotic beaches are perfect for celebrating the occasion with friends and family. 
6.     Daman and Diu
Daman and Diu Christmas celebrations are very interesting. The Union Territory comes alive in Christmas with cultural shows where you can enjoy the Portuguese dance form like Corrindinho.  You can attend the masses in churches like the Saint Paul’s Church, Se Cathedral and Church of Our Lady of Rosary. If you are looking for a place to celebrate Christmas with friends and family then choose Daman and Diu for its charming way of celebrating the special occasion. 
7.     Kolkata
The Christmas is celebrated in a huge way in Kolkata. Places like the Park Street really come alive on Christmas. One of the best things you will is that people from different faiths come and celebrates the occasion in a very lively way. The streets, the restaurant and other public places do come alive on Christmas and you can see people singing and dancing. Visit Kolkata with friends and family and enjoy a wonderful Christmas celebration. 
8.     Shillong 
The north-eastern city of Meghalaya is one of the top choices for celebrating Christmas. Christmas here is charming in a very peaceful way. It has a Christian population and hence the celebration is visible via the decorations of the streets, houses and churches with lights. Enjoy the traditional cuisine along with carols and hymns and gospel music. 
 The Bottom-Line 
These are some of the best places to celebrate Christmas in India. Enjoy the festive season in a different city or state this year and get to know different culture. 
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