What are the various options to order the food while travelling by train?

Travelling in railways is the ideal mode in all around the world and for more than 67% of the population used it. People be likely to go for various purpose, which may include vacations, business trips, family outing, marriages, family functions and many more.30% of people who prefer to travel via railways now choose to book their tour with the help of e-ticketing services. The digital know-how has undoubtedly increased beyond the demonetization movement of the Indian government. People who travel by train, take travel food with them. But, when it comes to trips that take more than 12 hours, then the food becomes a significant part .after that there seems to be no method out to get food on the train.

E-Catering is about satisfying food needs for people to travel by train. Now day’s people can order their food by the train while going through multiple modes.

Following are simple ways to order food while travelling by train:

• E-Catering by IRCTC: Travelers can place their food order by train from the IRCTC catering portal. They have to enter their PNR detail, which automatically searches for the passengers' route and lists the restaurant options where IRCTC food can order. If the traveller pays the payment with online payment mode, then IRCTC offers a 5% discount. The best part is that passenger can order food as per their requirement and also track the orders easily.

• Track the food order: Traveler can place their order a full four-course meal while travelling by train through the IRCTC food order application such as "Food on Track". Only need to download this application from the Google Play store and order food on the train on the go.

• Order the food by the calling: traveller can also place their food order on the train through a telephone call. The minimum waiting time of the order is near about 60 minutes.

• Website of IRCTC E-Catering: IRCTC has aligned with the leading providers of electronic catering services that provide food on the train. The best mode to order food via these e-catering partners is to request it through the IRCTC E-Catering website, or traveller can place their order via goes through the individual website.

• Offline food service application: people who travel by train can also order food by train through the offline foodservice application. The best part is that travellers can order their food by train even when they do not have Internet access. This type of application is available for Android and iOS devices. It also offers an easy user interface for a faster order process.

• Telephone orders from offline food service application: Travelers can also place their orders with a toll-free number of these websites.

There was a time when people carry their packed food with them during their train trip, but nowadays a lot of good options are available for ordering fresh and hygienic food online. So with the help of online order people can enjoy their train trip without worrying about the food. IRCTC e-Catering is a food service provider that provides Train Food Delivery. They were tied up with several well-known food restaurants. Through this service, any traveller can order food online during their train trip.
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