Is Teeth Whitening is possible for Sensitive teeth?

Teeth whitening is an effective way for those who want whiter and brighter smiles, but dentists are often hesitant to recommend teeth whitening treatment for the individuals who have sensitive teeth, especially for those who have gum disease. More likely, your dentist will treat your gum disease first then do teeth whitening
But what if you want to undergo the teeth whitening treatment despite having sensitive teeth? The best suggestion will be given by your dentist. He is the right person for deciding if to go ahead with the procedure or not. Since your dentist know your dental history best, so it is vital to consult with your doctor before starting any dental treatment. 
What if a dentist says no to teeth whitening?
The dentist says not to teeth whitening in two cases, if an individual has sensitive teeth or him/she have gum disease. If you have dental problems likes cavities, and plaque your dentist first fix these dental problems then come to teeth whitening. Once your dentist feels that your teeth are in good condition, then you can take an appointment for whitening teeth. Till then, you can use home remedies for teeth whitening that are mentioned below. 
• Try oil pulling: Oil pulling is an ancient method for whitening teeth. All you need is to do, just swishing oil around the mouth, leave for a minute and then spit it out. Do it two or three times a day for an effective result. You can choose coconut oil for oil pulling it has many anti-fungal elements that reduce discomfort and pain and also teeth whitening.Unlike other methods, it is one of the effective methods to remove plaque and may brighten your teeth. 
• Brush with teeth whiting toothpaste: Teeth whiting toothpaste has solid whitening properties, which not only whiten your teeth but also prevent bacteria from growing. Keep in mind, this is not a remedy that whitens your teeth overnight. You have to brush with teeth whitening toothpaste regularly. So, brushing with a teeth whitening toothpaste is the simple, and effective treatment for sensitive teeth. 
• Use Hydrogen peroxide: Hydrogen peroxide is the natural bacteria-killing element that also whitening your teeth in only 30 days. In fact, many people have been using hydrogen peroxide to remove plaque. Many commercial whiting toothpaste also contains hydrogen peroxide for offering effective results. The most common way to use hydrogen peroxide as a mouth wash that is available at nearby dental clinicor drug store. 
• Use fruit and vegetables: A healthy diet is also good for both your body and your teeth. You can rub raw fruits and vegetables on your teeth. In particular banana and pineapple are the two fruits that have been claimed for teeth whitening.
How to prevent stain before it happens?
Black coffee, tea, soda, and sugary and sticky foods and beverage are responsible for staining teeth. We are not saying to cut it out from a diet completely, but you should limit to prevent your teeth from gum diseases. Moreover, brush your teeth after consuming one of these foods and beverages. 
Final Say: 
There is always a hope for teeth whitening with sensitive teeth. All you need to do is follow the protocols by your dentist. Generally, your dentist will first treat sensitivity and will then go ahead with the whitening process. The whitening will only be done after thorough examination. Though, you might face some amount of discomfort and after the treatment but that can be taken care of post treatment by your dentist. 
The good news is that you need not live with yellow or stained teeth. Get it whitened and brighten the way you want and make sure you follow the post treatment guidelines given by your dentist. These guidelines will not only help you to get whiter teeth but also stronger teeth. To avoid any kind of dental issues, visit the nearby dental clinic and get yourself examined. 

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