Amazing Features of Cashless Health Insurance You Should Know About

Buying a health insurance for yourself and your family is perhaps the best way to get a financial cushion against out-of-pocket expenses during a medical emergency. However, medical contingencies may arise at any time and you might find yourself rushing to the hospital at an odd hour, perhaps in the middle of the night. Should such a situation arise, you would require some emergency funds which you might not have planned for earlier. This is where cashless health insurance comes in handy.
Why should you go for cashless health insurance?

You go through immense stress when a family member has to be admitted to the hospital. By offering cashless health insurance facilities, health insurance providers free you of financial worries in times of medical emergencies. You just need to produce the health insurance card, which you receive after purchasing the policy, to the Mediclaim desk at any network hospital. The rest of the financial part is taken care of by the insurance company.

You do not have to pay for medical bills from your savings first and then try to reimburse it from the insurance company. Instead, once you follow the procedure mentioned above, the insurance company will directly take care of the subsequent bills for you. This facility provides a cushion for the financial blow which you could face in case of a medical emergency.

Having a cashless health insurance not only proves to be useful when you are ill but also gives you peace of mind when you know that you and your loved ones are financially covered, should any medical issue ever show up.

Features of cashless health insurance

Regardless of which insurance company is providing the health cover, some staple features of cashless health insurance are as follows:
  • Pre and post hospitalisation expenditure: Cashless health insurance in India covers all medical expenses from at least 30 days before and 30 days after a planned medical operation.
  • No-claim bonus: When you do not claim the insurance benefit in a particular year, a predetermined percentage of ‘extra sum assured’ is attached to your original policy in the subsequent year. This is called ‘No Claim Bonus’, which increases your financial limit in the following year.
  • In patient Care: This is when the treatment of a patient requires formal admission to a hospital.
  • Daily cash benefits: This is a certain predetermined amount which is allotted to the patient for the mandatory stay in hospital each day before and after a surgery.
  • Cover for ambulance services: There is an allowance for the usage of ambulance.
  • Cover for critical illnesses: Cashless Health Insurance covers a number of critical illnesses including cardiac arrest, cancer, stroke, kidney failure, coma, and more.
  • Cover for domiciliary treatment: When a medical treatment is carried out at home which would have been otherwise done in a hospital, the cashless health insurance covers the expense of such cases too.
  • Complementary medical check-up and diagnostic tests: There is provision for an annual or biannual health checkup and diagnostic test.
Types of cashless health insurance policies in India

In India, cashless health insurance policies are broadly classified into two categories:
  • Cashless family health insurance policy: You can insure your family members through this health insurance plan in case of medical emergencies.
  • Cashless health insurance for senior citizens: This type of health insurance policy provides coverage for ambulance charges and pre-existing conditions along with covering hospitalisation charges.
Be it hospital cash cover or any other medical bill, it should be sated swiftly. Pocket Insurance from Bajaj Finserv is one of the safest bets to get the most out of your health plan. Its hospital cash cover provides a coverage of up to Rs. 1 lakh at an affordable yearly premium of just Rs. 489. The policy can be purchased online by filling an online form and making the payment.

Other pocket-friendly health insurance plans include Infection Cover, Tuberculosis Cover, Dengue Cover, Monsoon Cover, Water Borne Diseases Cover, Meningococcal Meningitis Cover and more. These insurance policies cater to your specific needs and provide enough coverage.
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