Defference Between Turbocharger vs Supercharger

When talking about Supercars or racecars these two words come interchangeably by many of us, but as we will see later in this article that they are indeed different, that's why they are spelled differently.
If you are planning to buy a car then you should know if you really need turbocharged or supercharged engines? Infact, for most of us this is not the case, these fancy words are really for movies and speed hungry drivers. So, let’s get started.

Both turbochargers and superchargers are a part of forced induction system, and you are looking for the difference between them, then I am assuming that you are already aware of these two systems.

A Quick Refresher:

First, what is forced induction system?

Basically, it is a process through which a normal engine produces more horsepower, by taking more air into the engine and compressing it, to increase temperature and pressure. Otherwise, engines need to be modified in terms of dimensions and weight to get more horsepower.

What are turbocharger and superchargers?

When you are driving and want to overtake the other car in a hurry or you want the instant thrust while driving, then you need turbochargers or superchargers in your car. They provide more power without putting more weight to the car’s engine. They do this by compressing air flowing into the engine which in turn produces more power, almost approximately to 50% more.

But how compression of air produces more power?

When air compresses, its temperature rises at an exponential rate, which in turn creates more cavity or space for the air and fuel mixture to mix and create powerful combustion (after all, combustion is the main reason for the horsepower or energy, which your car uses to rotate its wheels). High temperature air is more packed, or less dense, then cool air, So, your car’s engine cylinders get more air and fuel mixture in the same per cross section area.

Turbochargers and Superchargers create more horsepower.

There are many types of chargers in the market today, like procharger which is relatively new, but the main idea behind all these chargers is to draw more horsepower from your car’s engine.


The main difference between turbochargers and superchargers is really lies in their method of creating that extra horsepower for the engine. For which you need to understand how they supply more air into the heart of a car (engine).


A turbocharger uses exhaust gases, which comes as a result of combustion in the engine (which usually goes waste) to spin the turbine. This spinning of turbine spins the intake compressor turbine which draws more air to the engine (A turbocharger has usually two turbines)


A Supercharger uses the engine’s rotation to spin the turbine, which in turn draws more air to the engine. So, in short it usually contains one turbine and one passage to connect to crankshaft (a mechanical rod connected to the engine) of the engine.

Similarities between Turbochargers and Superchargers:

·        They both create more horsepower from the normal engine.
·        They both utilize the already available resources in the car to spin the turbines.
·        They both cost similar, so money is not here to make any difference.

You see the different ways a charger gets that additional air into the engine’s cylinder? This is where they behave differently.

Let’s see a differentiate between these two:

·        A turbocharger can run at higher rpm (Rotation per minute) then a supercharger, usually 3 times as fast as a supercharger. The reason behind higher rpms is the fact that turbochargers are not dependent of the car’s engine rotation and make use of the gases coming from the engine, So, it spins freely as fast as it can.

·        A turbocharger is more efficient in theory then a supercharger as it uses exhaust gases directly from the engine, which will go waste if not utilized. On the other hand, a supercharger is dependent on the engine’s rotation power and uses that power (horsepower in this case) to spin the turbine, which is not a logical way to produce more horsepower by wasting some.

·        In theory turbochargers produce up to 50% more horsepower, then a supercharger which creates up to 40-42%. In reality a turbocharger can provide easily up to 40% more and a supercharger produces approximately 30-32% more.

·        A Supercharger maintains a better communication with the engine, as it is directly connected to the crankshaft, whereas turbocharger relies on the exhaust gases pressure which comes only after a certain threshold limit. So, when you press the acceleration pedal, a supercharger provides you exactly that much horsepower which is asked from it, but in case of a turbocharger you will face some lag in the output delivery.

·        A turbocharger is more environment friendly then a supercharger, as it has mechanism to deal with those exhaust gases by using them to create more power, which in turn save some amount of carbon emission.

·        A supercharger is easy to install and maintain as it not as complex than a turbocharger. A high-end turbocharger can be a very complex part to maintain and fit into the car’s engine.

·        A turbocharger is relatively quieter than superchargers, which can create a bit noise.
·        A supercharger can create boost in lower rpms, as connected directly to the engine. This is not the case with a turbocharger, which require high pressure exhaust gases, these gases bring the power needed by turbocharger usually on the higher rpms.

So, now you know what is the difference between turbochargers and superchargers, but can you pick one for your car? Or should I ask which one would you pick?
The answer is quite ambiguous because choosing one over the other comes with its own advantage and disadvantage. It all depends on the needs and type of the vehicle you are driving.

What Automen recommends?

At Automen we believe more in reliability and trust then uncertainty. So, after serving many customers and their supercars, we are certain that choosing supercharger makes more sense generally. A charger is there to provide more horsepower when you ask for it, you would not want to wait for a threshold limit for the exhaust gases to spin the turbine to induce more air, right? Sometimes there might be cases where your accelerator pedal is constantly pressed, and you are getting boost on unequal terms in a turbocharger.

But again, if you are certain what you need then you are free to choose. If each of these chargers are still there in the market, then they both must be good.
Happy vrooooming!!!!!!!!!

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