All You Need To Know About Bajaj Finserv Hospital Cash Cover

Accidents or illnesses do not come with warnings and can rarely be pre-empted. Thus, it is essential that you are always prepared to handle the financial burden of such accidents.

When hospitalised, it is already a stressful condition, and financial strain could be an additional challenge in such situations. Make sure you have a hospital cash cover insurance policy in place to effectively handle all the financial requirements which follow up such incidents.

Benefits to have such an insurance policy in place

This scheme comes with a wide range of significant advantages including –

Additional expenses:

When you or any of your family members is hospitalised, the patient’s medical expenses is not the only matter of concern. There are several other additional expenses under such circumstances, like travel, food, etc. Such charges are not covered under Mediclaim policies. You can pay for those expenses with the help of hospital cash cover as they take such matters into account.

Minimal documents required:

Unlike a mediclaim policy, this scheme requires minimal documents. All you need to do is provide with proof that states the number of days the patient had been hospitalised.

Cost overruns:

There might be instances when the medical bills could exceed the amount insured under mediclaim. Hospital cash cover could be highly beneficial for such situations as you can pay the extra amount with the cash benefit. This could be termed as another source of protection when it comes to medical finances.

Cumulative bonus remains protected:

For petty situations where the medical expenses are comparatively lesser than surgeries or treating some other severe condition, you can use cash cover so that the cumulative amount of your mediclaim policy remains intact.

Pocket insurance schemes such as hospital cash insurance policy offered by Bajaj Finserv come along with several additional benefits, and you can realise their significant aspects once you apply for the same.

How to apply for such schemes?

Applying for cash cover is quite simple if you follow the below steps –

  • Log in to their official website.
  • Once you are logged in, fill out their application form online.
  • Make the payment accordingly.

However, make sure that you know all about the features and benefits you can enjoy before applying for such policies. Undoubtedly, the best health insurance in India comes with some perks, but under stressful situations, this could be a better option as the procedure is less time-consuming.

The Hospital Cash Cover offered by Bajaj Finserv provides financial coverage of up to Rs. 1 Lakh against affordable premiums, viz. –

  • If you are between 18 years and 40 years of age, you can apply with a premium of Rs. 489 per annum.
  • While you are 41 years to 50 years old, you can benefit from the scheme against a premium of only Rs. 548 per annum.
  • For the age range of 50 to 60 years, the premium stands at Rs. 779 per annum.

When can you claim such policies?

  • In case of a medical emergency, you can apply for such a health insurance online, and enjoy immediate cash coverage.
  • When you do not want to go through the massive amount of paperwork, cash cover benefit is an ideal solution.
  • Facing an urgent medical situation, it could help you manage all the additional expenses.
  • You may also check out other health insurance policy from Bajaj Finserv for financial coverage against different ailments.

In simple terms, it is always better if you are prepared with a hospital emergency cash plan so that you do not have to face financial burdens when there is a medical emergency.
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