Exploring Italian Biscotti: Cookies So Nice, You Bake Them Twice

Sometimes a cup of coffee isn’t enough; it needs biscotti cookies. It doesn’t matter how old you get munching on traditional Italian cookies is a delicious idea.

When it comes to cookies, Italians are geniuses. Other cultures around the world are experimenting with their desserts, while Italians are preserving their traditional recipes. Classic Italian biscotti cookies are an excellent example of Italians conserving their age-old food traditions. Visit a simple or stylish Italian cafe, and you find biscotti as a staple in its menu.

The word biscotti comes from the Latin biscoctus, which means twice baked. In Italy, biscotto is one cookie. Thus, biscotti means multiple cookies. All these things come together to describe biscotti as twice-baked cookies.

History Of Biscotti

As per historians, Romans were the first to come up with the twice-baking concept. They used to bake their bread twice to keep them fresh during long journeys or wars. Later, the idea was adopted by soldiers and sailors during Europe’s Renaissance era. After that, someone tested the concept with cookies and found it effective. This led to the birth of biscotti.

Biscotti of Genoa is the first documented recipe of biscotti cookies. Amadio Baldanz, a scholar from the 18th century, discovered the century-old recipe, which is preserved in a museum in Italy’s Prato.

Some historians link the first biscotti to 14th-century Tuscany. According to them, Biscotti di Prato was the first biscotti made in the city of Prato using almonds.

Biscotti In 21st Century

After the discovery of biscotti, the journey of twice-baked cookies kept on flourishing throughout Italy, with several regions creating their own version of biscotti. In the modern world, different types of Italian biscotti cookies are famous all around the world.

When it comes to the best Italian chocolate cookies, biscotti is there on the list. Apart from that, there are plenty of biscotti cookie recipes to make new versions of these Italian desserts. However, all of them are baked twice.    

How To Make Chocolate Biscotti?

Biscotti cookies are simple and easy to make. Butter, brown sugar, granulated sugar, eggs, all-purpose flour, vanilla extract, baking powder, and salt are some of the main ingredients to prepare these puff pastry cookies. Semi-sweet chocolate chips are required when someone is making chocolate biscotti cookies.

Flour, salt, and baking powder are added to a bowl. After that, eggs are added to the mixture. Once done, the dough is created. Then, it is heated until lightly browned. Once cool, it is sliced into pieces and baked again.

Where To Get Italian Biscotti?  

Biscotti cookies are easy to cook, but adding traditional Italian taste to them is challenging. To experience biscotti made using authentic recipes, you can order Italian cookies online at a store selling biscotti cookies made by famous brands based in Italy. At the online store, you come across several biscotti makers offering cookies made using different recipes. You can order biscotti product considering its ingredients and the method its manufacturer used to make it.  
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